ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 7

ATX TV Festival, after day 6 emotions, dedicated its day 7 to horror and… I loved it. Despite not being my favorite genre, I liked this new vision that is presented to us here and the way they had to redefine the concept of horror. Yes, we are here for this. We are going to review top moments of day 7.

Here we go!

Beyond the Scares: Emotional Catharsis & Healing in Horror

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 7
ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 7

One of the panels that I liked the most. It seemed really cathartic to me, I enjoyed a different point of view that I had never considered.

When we think of the horror genre, we think of scares, blood and guts but it’s those moments where you see people confront their own fears that help you confront yours.

Seeing a person so on edge, literally fighting to save his life, can awaken an instinct in you, the survival instinct, and can help you manage anxiety, stress, provide a safe environment in which priorities suddenly , are reordered.

This conversation dealt with this topic. How a horror movie that makes us cling to the couch on our nerves can be that safe space to overcome pain, frustration, grief.

Victims (although I never liked using that word) are no longer victims and we realize that they are survivors.

And that we are too.

Pandemic Proof: Animation Series

What is the dubbing process like in a global pandemic? The producers, the actors, all those people who work behind the scenes and who keep everything going, did everything possible for us to have our favorite shows back in record time.

They gave it their all, but what was it like working from home? It was really difficult. In this conversation we learned that technology has advanced a lot but no computer, no screen, can supply human warmth. The people they work with every day are their family and it was very difficult to see them through a screen, to hug them from a distance.

It was hard for everyone, but I think we never stop to think that coworkers are sometimes so close that they are part of your routine, of your daily life, of a small family.

In addition, they explained to us the challenges they had to face in order to do their work with the same quality as always.

They had to adapt, change the way they approach things, innovate … a bit like everyone else during this time. And I like to realize that I am not the only one who feels this way, like I am out of my comfort zone.

UFO: Pilot Screening and Q&A (Showtime)

Key Art for UFO. Photo credit: Courtesy of SHOWTIME.

I have to admit that I am not a huge UFO fan. I mean, I’m not attached to the culture nor did I know much about it … until yesterday.

It’s really fascinating the different theories about those objects that we don’t know exactly what they are. Of course, they are there but… how? Why? This discussion tried to give us a clearer view on these issues.

I liked getting more into this topic and understanding why it is so fascinating to many people. I like the panels, the debates, which expand my mind and make me see beyond what I thought possible. Yes, definitely an interesting panel.

Horror Anthologies (Shudder)

There are mythical horror movies. I’m sure we’re already thinking of a few right now. But how has the genre changed over the years? The new films that arrive, will they be able to surpass the previous ones?

Horror is not my favorite genre but, to my surprise, I was able to recognize many of the films that were talked about and I liked that new vision of terror, incorporating the best of those classic films but being aware of the mistakes and the duty of adapt them to the new times.

And these are the top moments from day 7 of ATX TV Festival Season 10. Stay tuned tomorrow to review the top moments from day 8.

 ATX TV Festival will run from June 11 to June 20 virtually.

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