‘Cinderella’ Director Kay Cannon Talks About Why Her Version Is Different

There is so much news that is coming out about Cinderella (and yes, we know it’s because it’s about to be released) and that doesn’t bother us at all. We are so excited for the movie we want all the inside information.

When it comes to adapting a timeless story, one that the entire world knows, we can’t even imagine that pressure. How do you make different? How do you make people want to see a movie that they’ve seen the story played out 15 different ways?

Well, Kay Cannon, who directed the upcoming version of Cinderella, spoke to Variety about her version and just what sets it apart.

“I wanted to make sure it was incredibly inclusive. And [Camila] being Cuban Mexican is no small thing, and what she represents to millions of people — not only her fans, but to millions,” Kay told Variety.

“The story has mostly been told and retold almost exclusively by men: I feel it when I watch. The 2015 Kenneth Branagh Cinderella was hugely successful, and it was beautiful. And I love the Whitney Houston, Brandy Cinderella,” she continued. “It just feels a little told from their gaze. And I really felt like it was important to me to tell it through my gaze.”

Kay told Variety about when she met with star Camila Cabello about the role. She had been working on the screenplay for quite sometime and was journeying off to Miami to meet with Camila Cabello about the role when she decided to order a glass slipper.

We could see that going a million different ways, because yes, it’s all sorts of cheesy. But cheesy is good sometimes.

She said, “I was there for, like, 30 seconds. And I’m like, ‘I hesitate to do this!’ And I pull out this glass slipper. ‘Does it fit?’”

We’re pretty certain that it does.

We can’t wait for Cinderella, which premieres on Amazon Prime Video on September 3rd.

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