Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: Mysterious Field quest for Izanagi’s Burden

We’ll show you how to unlock one of the best exotic sniper rifles in the game

Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: Mysterious Field quest for Izanagi’s Burden

Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: Mysterious Field quest for Izanagi’s Burden

Over the last week, players have been looking for keys to unlock an merchandise known as the Mysterious Field in Destiny 2: Black Armory. The field is a quest which results in the Izanagi’s Burden, a sniper rifle. However getting by the hunt is the one actual burden. There are fairly just a few steps standing in the way in which of you and your fancy new sniper. That’s the place we are available.

Heads-up: If you happen to randomly get a rare bounty from Ada-1 — they drop from her regular, each day bounties and reward highly effective gear — full the target after which maintain onto it. You’ll want to show one in for a quest step, so it’ll be very helpful to have one banked at that time.


The simplest a part of this quest is discovering the Mysterious Field, the hunt merchandise that you just’ll shove all of your keys into.

When you begin Black Armory and achieve entry to the Volundr forge, stroll into the sector, soar over the bridge and instantly do a 180. Observe the trail down the rocks to a small cave subsequent to the ravine. Stroll in and also you’ll discover a small Black Armory field. Open it to obtain the Mysterious Field.


Nice job! You discovered the field. That is the place issues get a bit more durable in the event you’re making an attempt to do that all by your lonesome. The Mysterious Field requires 4 keys to be inserted into it. The primary three keys are within the first three forges. The fourth and closing key is a little more advanced, so we’ll reserve it for its personal part.


Because you’re already here, soar into the Volundr forge.

Full the primary wave like regular, and prepare to spring into motion with a longish vary weapon — a sniper or scout will just do superb. Between waves, two protect drones will spawn on both aspect of the sector.

The primary drone is on the left aspect dealing with the forge, floating round on the far left tree within the distant island.

The second is within the cave space to the suitable of the forge, floating round on the ceiling close to some stalactites.

When you’ve killed each drones, you must see a Maximum Temper buff on the lefthand aspect of the display screen. Full the remainder of the forge like regular. While you kill the boss, you’ll discover {that a} Black Armory field has dropped close to the forge. Open it to obtain your first key.

Work together with the key in your stock to fit it into the lock in your Mysterious Field.


This key might be the best to get by yourself. Set your self up with the identical weapons as you probably did in Volundr. Between the primary and second wave, stand across the crashed ship on the very again of the sector.

One protect drone will likely be floating round within the skeleton of the ship.

The second is to your left in the event you’re wanting on the ship, floating round a pillar protruding of the bottom.

After getting the Maximum Temper buff, gather your key from the field identical to final time.


To get this key by yourself, you’ll undoubtedly want a sniper rifle. After the primary wave, as you’re wanting again on the entrance to the forge, place your self on the island on the suitable.

Drone one is on the island you’re standing on. Look towards the forge and also you’ll see a small pillar poking out that’ll have the drone floating round it.

Drone two is throughout the huge pit, and is floating round a darker pillar farther away from the sting, near the cave entrance to the sector.

End the forge with Maximum Temper activated and declare the third key.


Now that the Bergusia forge is open, Ada-1 is providing the key mould for the fourth and closing key. You’ll have to construct this factor by a protracted and occasionally obnoxious quest line. However the reward is nicely value it.


Your first step goes to be within the underbelly of the Leviathan to kill Watchers. Even in the event you aren’t a raider or play solo, you’ll nonetheless have the ability to full this step comparatively simply. Equip an unique that speeds you up in the event you can — Dunemarchers or Transversive steps are nice here, however Mida Multi-tool additionally works — because it’ll make this subsequent half a lot simpler.

Spawn within the Leviathan and ignore the Cabal standing on the bridge. Drop right down to a secret degree earlier than the place they’re standing and also you’ll discover a small room with six levers.

Going left to proper, you’ll want to pull the levers rapidly on this order: 1 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 6. That is straightforward to do in a bunch and manageable by yourself. If you happen to’ve executed this proper, you’ll see a message that claims “the way in which is open.”

Stroll up the ramps till you get to probably the Maximum open space. Stroll ahead and there’ll be a pool of death-water (don’t fall on this in the event you might help it; it’s known as death-water for a purpose) with a pipe protruding of it. Observe the trail and soar alongside the pipes till you attain a giant fan. Pull the lever within the room to your left and experience the waves up the shaft.

You’ll be offered with a alternative: Go ahead or flip left. Take the left flip and make your approach down the hallway till you attain the door to Engine. You should utilize any room to farm this, however in our expertise Engine is the quickest to clear and get by.

Open the door and kill as many Watchers as you may earlier than they go immune. As soon as their shields come up, you’ll have to clear the Cabal after which clear up the remainder of the Watchers.

Now that you’ve 4 lenses for the 4 Watchers you killed, stroll again out the door you got here in, let it shut behind you and begin this course of once more. When you’ve collected 24 lenses from the Watchers, you’ll be given a brand new activity.


Now you’ll want to gather Glimmering Amethyst for Ada-1. These things drops naturally all through the sport, and you’ll gather it from Strike chests, Public Occasions or random chests out on this planet.

We ran by a handful of public occasions within the EDZ — a very easy cycle begins there each couple of minutes. Nonetheless, pace working by the Lake of Shadows strike through the director is far quicker. Full 20 Public Occasions or 10 strikes to finish this step of the hunt.


Now you’ll have to run a Bergusia forge and kill protect drones. These two are fairly straightforward to search out, even in the event you’re simply working by yourself. They spawn between the primary and second rounds as typical.

If you happen to’re wanting from the doorway, the primary drone is on a pillar to the left of the forge, disconnected from every little thing.

The second drone is on the suitable of the forge from the doorway, floating subsequent to a purple pipe and a Black Armory crate.

Now that the forge has Maximum Temper, end Bergusia and gather your key from the field as typical.


Insert all 4 keys into your Mysterious Field and return to Ada-1 within the Tower. She’ll ask you to get an Obsidian Crystal. Remember our warning earlier concerning the rare bounty? Hopefully you’ve got one on you.

Flip within the rare bounty from Ada-1 to obtain the Obsidian Crystal.

If you happen to’re nonetheless lacking a rare bounty, do all of Ada-1’s regular bounties day-after-day till you get one.


here is step one that can require a coordinated staff for Maximum individuals.

You’ll want to enter Shattered Throne and defeat Dul Incaru, the ultimate boss. If you happen to need assistance with that, we’ve acquired a Shattered Throne guide for you already.

Needless to say this dungeon is simply out there each three weeks, when the Dreaming Metropolis curse is at its Maximum intense. If it’s Shattered Throne week, you’ll in all probability wish to grind on this quest as laborious as you may so that you don’t get locked out for practically one other month.


After you do Shattered Throne, you’ll have to do a troublesome model of the Pyramidion. Even at 650, this mission isn’t for the faint of coronary heart, so we advise getting a crew collectively as an alternative of trying it solo. In case your Fireteam wipes, you return to orbit. Watch out in there.

It’s value mentioning that you just additionally have to launch this through a quest on Io, not by the Strike node itself. If you happen to simply full the traditional Pyramidion strike naturally, you’ll get nothing towards the hunt. Go to the hunt node on Io and be ready in your tools to lock. Needless to say Photo voltaic Singe and Heavyweight are additionally on, so Sleeper Simulant is your good friend here.


Now comes the ultimate step within the quest: killing Siviks. Make a journey to the EDZ and launch the mission from the hunt marker within the patrol. All you’ll have to do here is kill Siviks. That is comparatively straightforward in case you have Whisper of the Worm or something comparable. Simply hang around on the high of the door, by the doorway on the touchdown, and shoot the boss till he’s lifeless.

As soon as the mission is over, head again to Ada-1 and gather your fancy new sniper rifle.


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