Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: The Draw quest and The Last Word hand cannon

Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: The Draw quest and The Last Word hand cannon

Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: The Draw quest and The Last Word hand cannon

The Draw is a prolonged quest in Destiny 2: Black Armory. but, the reward is price all the effort, as gamers will earn the well-known The Last Word hand cannon for themselves after they end it.

For gamers who by no means tried out the primary Destiny, The Last Word is a short-to-medium vary hand cannon with playing fireplace. Greatest shot from the hip, this was a fan favourite gun in Destiny’s Crucible, and has lastly made it into Destiny 2.

Attributable to its Crucible focus, The Last Word quest does require a little bit of PvP to earn, but it ought to be doable, even below-average gamers. That stated, the grind will take considerably longer the more severe you carry out.

Right here’s every part you have to know to earn The Last Word hand cannon for your self.


To begin The Last Word quest, you’ll must go speak to The Drifter. He’ll provide you with a Hive artifact that wants some cleaning. Naturally, you’ll should kill some Hive to get began.


To cleanse the artifact, you’ll want gadgets dropped from Hive, photo voltaic kills in opposition to Hive, and to kill three Hive bosses. The best manner to do that is to go to Mars and begin enjoying some Escalation Protocol. Equip a photo voltaic subclass, a photo voltaic power weapon, and a photo voltaic heavy. Play the mode till you full the hunt. So long as you’re killing rapidly and ending rounds to get these boss kills, it shouldn’t take you greater than 20 minutes.


The Drifter needs to check up on his funding. Head again to him to get the following leg of the hunt.


This part of Crucible play ought to be pretty achievable for many gamers. All you’ll must do is get extra kills than you do deaths. Kills and assists grant one %, with kills subtracting one %. Streaks appear to extend share as effectively.

Preserve combating and play secure. Use a pulse rifle and keep again as a substitute of speeding in with a shotgun.

Alternatively, play Mayhem (if it’s lively) and unload supers at any time when doable. Blade Barrage hunters could have an particularly profitable time right here.


After you get your Crucible kills, head over to Titan to tackle some critical Hive enemies.

Your mission will take you into the Cargo Bay Three Lost Sector to take out a particular Hive Acolyte. This mission is fairly commonplace. The boss could have a protect till all their Guardian Wizards are taken care of. Kill the Wizards, assault the boss, repeat when their protect comes again up.

As soon as the room has been cleared, you’ll want to move again to The Drifter.

It seems like this step will take you to Titan to finish a mission there for the Drifter.


Take the helmet — pierced by the mysterious bullet — again to The Drifter. Have a chat with him, and he’ll ship you on a for much longer quest than the previous few.


The Hive weapon grasp is creating new Weapons of Sorrow. You should cease it. Collect highly effective objects to sully your Mild and full the ritual.

Acquire Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wished escapees.
Earn a number of “Greatest served chilly” and “Blood for blood” medals within the crucible.
Defeat Hive with precision injury to gather larvae.
Sacrifice Hive bosses summoned in witches’ rituals.

That is the place issues get a bit harder for gamers who don’t like to PvP in Destiny 2. You’ll must earn a number of medals in PvP a number of instances: Blood for Blood and Greatest Served Chilly.

You’ll earn Blood for Blood while you avenge an ally by killing an enemy that simply killed your buddy. You’ll earn Greatest Served Chilly from killing somebody who just lately killed you. You’ll must earn 25 medals whole.

To get this finished, leap into group modes in Crucible and play with these targets in thoughts. Whilst you may very well be a jerk and let your allies die to earn Blood for Blood, we suggest simply enjoying to win every time. You’ll ultimately get it.

If you happen to don’t wish to assume too arduous and Mayhem is lively, you’ll nab a bunch of those medals simply by raining down supers in your foes.

There are also PvE elements to this step. You’ll must enterprise into Lost Sectors and kill some Hive bosses. You’ll also must kill Hive with headshots, so go to Titan or Mars, in addition to the Hive areas of the Tangled Shore or Dreaming City. You possibly can kill two birds with one stone by working the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars or Cargo Bay Three on Titan.

We discovered Cargo Bay Three to be by far the quickest, but each will work properly.

Finishing the “Summoning Ritual” occasion can also be required. Leap into these Public Occasions at any time when they present up, and remember to test on them recurrently. They’re uncommon and solely seem on Titan and Mars. We suggest doing all the opposite stuff right here and checking to see if a Summoning Ritual is arising between each exercise or Crucible match.


While you lastly end that Last step, you’ll want to move again to The Drifter. He’ll ship you to search out Enkaar in a single last quest.


Make your method to the mission begin within the Tangled Shore. As soon as it begins, keep again, because the Suppressed Mild perk is on and also you’ll solely be capable to regain well being by choosing up wells from defeated enemies.

Defeat the wave of enemies till a big Ogre seems. Kill it, and rapidly carry the worm to the blocked door — in case you take too lengthy, it’ll explode. Stroll into the massive room with the crystal, and kill all three of the Wizards. In case you have Jotunn, it does some critical work on their shields and blinds them. Destroy the crystal after they’re all useless.

Leap down the outlet and stand on the plate. Look ahead to it to cost up till you see the immediate “Draw!” Seize The Last Word with “Draw!” and look forward to Enkaar to carry its weapon. Use The Last Word to shoot the gun out of the Hive’s hand. It’ll teleport away. Make your method to ahead.

You’ll must clear all of the enemies earlier than the following plate will activate. While you begin getting ready to attract once more, two copies of Enkaar will seem. Watch the order they spawn in. Use “Draw!” and look ahead to Enkaar like Last time. They’ll prepared their intention within the order they appeared. Shoot the gun out of each palms rapidly, otherwise you’ll have to start out over from the start.

Transfer as much as the third plate similar to Last time and clear enemies as you go. This time, three will spawn. Shoot them within the order they seem like Last time, and also you’ll defeat Enkaar and declare The Last Word for your self.


Go exhibit The Last Word to The Drifter, and he’ll reprimand you playfully. He’ll also move alongside some lore for the weapon you simply earned.

Congratulations Guardian. Now go slay some Guardians along with your new toy.

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