Emma Corrin Talks About Being Cast As Princess Diana

We’re big fans of The Crown. One of our favorite castings was Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. She embodied the Princess in a way that we don’t really think anyone else could have.

One thing that we love hearing about is how people were cast and Emma was on Variety Studio: Actors on Actors with Reggie Jean-Page and talked about how she landed the coveted role.

“I was sort of working, jobbing, trying to earn money in London. And also, manically running around auditioning for anything that I could. I got asked by Nina Gold and Rob Sterne, who cast The Crown, to come in and help for some of the chemistry reads they were doing between Camillas, who they were auditioning. Peter had written some preliminary scenes with Camilla and Diana, and so they needed someone to read for Diana. So I was like, ‘OK.’ And it wasn’t an audition. I was being paid to be there, and I wasn’t going to be on camera,” Emma said.

She added, “It’s really weird to hear in retrospect everyone’s perspective on this. My agent was like, ‘It’s the perfect situation because it’s going to be a no-pressure audition.’ We decided that I would just prepare as if it was an audition. And so I did, and I worked on the voice with my mum, who is a speech therapist. And then I learned the lines. And I just had fun, because I wasn’t really doing anything at the time.”

Definitely a different story, but we’re glad that she got the role. We can’t imagine anyone else in the role.

What did you think of Emma as Princess Diana in The Crown?

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