Sekiro boss guide: Headless

Lay to rest these headless (and shirtless) spirits

Sekiro boss guide: Headless
Sekiro boss guide: Headless

Sekiro’s Headless are like mini-bosses, but tougher. The Headless are ghostly, time-manipulating, optional encounters. Defeating them will earn you Spiritfall Sweet — an item that lets you burn Spirit Emblems to achieve the same effects as consuming a sugar.

The worst mistake you may make in Sekiro is attacking and not using a plan. The Headless are disregard to disregard or disrupt your assaults and trigger main injury — and Terror, which can kill you simply as quick (or sooner) than a sword to the face.

On this guide, we’ll present you learn how to defeat the Headless with the best objects and techniques for reacting to their assaults.


Not like the opposite bosses in Sekiro, who you’ll usually defeat with minimal objects and intelligent techniques, the Headless principally require you to have some specialised objects. Even then, it’s not a simple battle.

That’s why we advocate ready to face the Headless. You’ll discover the primary one fairly early within the sport — you may get to it from the Ashina Outskirts > Outskirts Wall – Stairway Sculptor’s Idol close to the Chained Ogre. You may (in the event you’re fortunate) even have the suitable objects to face it, but it surely’s simply not value your time but.

As a substitute, keep away from the Headless till you’ve reached Mibu Village within the Ashina Depths. This isn’t a definitive line within the sand, but it surely’s an excellent benchmark in your progress, the provision of things, and, frankly, whether or not it’s value it.


The Headless fights don’t work like most different boss fights. They principally require two objects:

  • Divine Confetti: This item supercharges your sword towards apparition-type enemies.
  • Pacifying Agent: A consumable that reduces Terror buildup (ghost assault injury) and will increase Terror resistance for a short while.

When you’ve reached the Ashina Depths > Mibu Village Sculptor’s Idol like we advocate above, you’ll be capable to purchase an item from the Memorial Mob there that can assist you numerous. What item? This item:

  • Mottled Purple Gourd: This gourd serves the same objective because the Pacifying Agent in Gourd kind — you get 5 drinks of, successfully, Pacifying Agent that refill while you relaxation at an idol.

We’re not going to advocate any Prosthetic Instruments or Fight Arts right here. You’re not likely going to get any probability to make use of them in a Headless battle — and in the event you attempt, you’re prone to get murdered.


Killing a Headless means combating them head-on by way of each of its Deathblows. Its assaults don’t change for the second section of the battle, although, so simply hold attacking when you’ll be able to. Preserve a detailed eye in your Terror gauge (it fills up faster than you may anticipate) and refresh your Divine Confetti and Pacifying Brokers each time you have to.


Headless slow down every thing round them. Whereas this looks as if it will simply make avoiding them simpler, it really does the other. Your dodges hardly ever work and leaping is principally out of the query.

Fortunately, Headless solely have two assaults (and one leads into the opposite). The technique that we discovered that works for us is that this:

  • Assault
  • Deflect
  • Create some distance
  • Repeat

This technique does two issues. First, the deal with attacking (tries to) hold the battle quick. Second, it offers you the area and the time to heal and handle your Terror ranges.


It’s exceedingly tough (perhaps inconceivable) to get a Stealth Deathblow on a Headless, so it’s finest to simply strategy this battle head-on. Earlier than you set off their consideration, down some Pacifying Agent (or a swig from the Mottled Purple Gourd) and sprinkle some Divine Confetti.

Keep watch over the 2 tiny icons that seem beneath your Vitality bar. When these disappear, it’s time to make use of one other pair of things.


Let’s discuss concerning the Headless’ assaults, learn how to establish them, and what it is best to do about them.


The Headless’ solely actual assault is a two-, three-, four-, or five-attack combo. Sure, that’s quite a lot of variation, but there’s not likely any distinction right here. Each swing might be completely devastating, dealing Vitality, Posture, and Terror injury all of sudden, even in the event you’re blocking.

Dodging and leaping are tough to tug off within the syrupy time-warp across the Headless. You can probably survive a direct hits with the Headless’ sword, although, and it’ll push you backward. If (when) you get caught, let it push you again till you’re out of vary, the place you’ll be able to heal, cope with your Terror, and regroup.


On the finish of an assault combo, the Headless will swing its sword in a large, full arc. Then, it’ll carry it straight up and disappear.

When this occurs, it should teleport behind you and try and seize you. If it succeeds, it’ll pull one thing gooey and important-looking out of your spine and also you’ll take an enormous chunk of injury.

As quickly because the Headless disappears, spin the digicam and begin shifting away from wherever you’re standing. Path doesn’t matter right here — simply transfer. Leaping helps, but it surely’s not a assure as you’ll be able to see within the video above.


Understanding the Headless’ assaults means you’ll be able to perceive when it’s protected so that you can go on the offensive.


Getting hit with a Headless’ sword is tough, even when blocking. but if you wish to deal any injury, you’ll must be shut. The best way to do each is with well-timed Deflects.

It’s onerous (but in addition simple?) to get the timing proper within the slowed down battle. Wait a second longer than you usually would — you can begin blocking proper earlier than the sword connects. Even in the event you’re early, you’ll nonetheless survive the hit.

Deflects will deal some Posture injury, but extra importantly, they’ll hold you alive longer.


With Divine Confetti, regular sword assaults get you thru this battle fairly rapidly. You’re on the lookout for the pause between when the Headless teleports in and after they begin their assault combo.

Whenever you’re shut and also you see a gap, swing away — and don’t cease swinging till it begins an assault. Don’t too much about getting swings in between its assaults (you’ll be able to in the event you’re assured in your Deflecting, but it surely’s harmful).


Every Headless you defeat will reward you with a Spiritfall Sweet. These work same to the sugars with the same names, but they’re reusable. Every use will price you Spirit Emblems, but gained’t eat the item.

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