Destiny 2 guide: Outbreak Perfected Catalyst, Heroic Zero Hour mission

Take a new route through the old Tower

Destiny 2 guide: Outbreak Perfected Catalyst, Heroic Zero Hour mission

Destiny 2 guide: Outbreak Perfected Catalyst, Heroic Zero Hour mission

After Destiny 2’s Fallen Transponder quest and your trek by way of the previous tower, Mithrax will lastly quit Outbreak Perfected, the brand new model of Outbreak Prime. However your Outbreak Perfected isn’t really perfected but. It’s essential earn the Catalyst first.

To get the Catalyst, you’ll want to full the Heroic model of Zero Hour. After you beat the traditional model of the mission, you may entry the Heroic model by way of a node subsequent to the Farm. The Heroic model of Zero Hour doesn’t simply change up fight issue — it additionally adjustments the route by way of the mission.

Here’s a full walkthrough for Zero Hour’s new Heroic route. We’ve famous the place the paths diverge and once they come again collectively.


You have got 20 minutes to beat this mission. With a full crew of 690+ gamers, we had been capable of take it down relatively simply, though we wouldn’t suggest making an attempt it till you’re 680 or greater. Whenever you take down the ultimate boss, you’ll earn Outbreak Perfected.

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In contrast to The Whisper, Zero Hour begins out with largely fight. We suggest a minimum of one member of your crew take Arbalest with you, because it makes fast work of the shielded Fallen. Your different slots ought to embody all components to cope with different enemy shields. In all of those fight sections, you’ll want to kill each enemy or the door received’t open.

Make your method by way of the bazaar and into the small vent. On the other aspect, you’ll be the place the Speaker’s chambers as soon as had been. Clear the enemies together with your Fireteam, and transfer by way of the sweeper bot hallway.

You’ll end up within the courtyard, which homes Shanks of various dimension and energy. Take out the shielded ones and the Tracer Shanks first. Whenever you’re executed, transfer into the Hangar. This time you could have a Walker to cope with. Kill the snipers and all of the Servitors first, then deal with the tank.

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Proceed alongside the trail of the previous tower till you attain the flaming scaffolding the place you first began Destiny 2. Slide underneath the large door subsequent to the M and drop down the elevator shaft. Climb within the vent and comply with it.


As a substitute of going left and underneath the ship, launch your self out of the vent straight. On the roof, there are three rows of air flow shafts. Go to the third and switch round. Stroll into the open vent and comply with the trail.

You’ll end up in a sewer. Take a left and bounce down onto the walkway, after which once more onto the second walkway. You’re in a room with 4 crimson pipes within the nook.

First you’ll want to orient your self. Discover the nook pipe with a waterfall behind it you could mantle over. Now go to the nook diagonally from the waterfall pipe. Flip the change. (Bear in mind this platform to save lots of your self a while subsequent run; for us, this was at all times again left from how we landed.)

Head again to the waterfall pipe, bounce over and up the waterfall. On the high, look to your left. When you flipped the right change, a hatch can be open. Bounce on the hatch’s lid and search for. Climb the yellow ledge and hold leaping up and mantling. Undergo the vent, take a left, and undergo one other vent.


You’re now in an extended room. Rigorously into the yellow alcoves on both aspect of the world. Hold transferring by way of the room like this. Whenever you attain the other aspect, throw a change to assist your teammates behind you get by way of. Take the vent on the finish and comply with the crimson pipe. Crawl by way of the large pipe in your left.


It’s time to leap alongside the skin of the Tower once more. This time, it’s a lot trickier.

Out of the pipe, flip left. There are a couple of paths right here, however some will collapse behind you. Rigorously alongside {the electrical} pipes and protrusions. Whenever you come to the nook, bounce round it to a brand new platform.

There are some rotating home windows in entrance of you. Wait till a brand new cycle begins, and bounce throughout all of them directly. Whenever you attain the darkish wall with what seems to be like a air conditioner connected, seize a ledge and begin leaping up. Whenever you attain the highest, run ahead and enter the open hatch.

Flip right and go down the lengthy chute. Begin by hanging left, after which shortly pull to the suitable as you’re falling. On the finish, bounce and use your momentum to fling you to the protected house. Look right and climb up. Now climb the pipes on the left and right of the hallway till you attain the small touchdown. Crawl by way of the open vent.


Now you’re surrounded by spinning followers. Search for the crimson lights and bounce into them. When you hold in opposition to the wall, you’ll save your self from the followers. Whenever you land, watch out — don’t hit the bottom too exhausting and skid off into one other fan. On Heroic, the followers blow you round a bit. Be additional cautious when flying by way of the air.

Repeat this course of till you’re on the backside of the shaft. Climb in one other vent.

You’re now in an extended hallway that appears fully clean. Bounce off the ledge and onto the silver vents hanging off the wall. These are tough to face on, however you are able to do it. Bounce to the subsequent one and eventually into the open door on the far aspect. As soon as once more, there’s a change right here to assist your slower mates by way of the puzzle.


Observe the vents till you get to Air flow. Stroll ahead and check out the map, which you’ll be able to see clearly within the picture above.

That is the maze part of Zero Hour, and it seems to be a lot scarier than it really is. The white traces signify hallways you may stroll by way of, with the crimson arrows denoting switches you’ll want to hit. You begin the map within the middle of the bottom-most rectangle’s southern white line. Whenever you’ve had a great take a look at the map, flip round and drop down two flooring of vents.

You’re within the maze now, similar to within the image. We suggest sending one participant right and one other left, simply to hurry the method up. We’ll write for the suitable aspect participant, however the left aspect is only a mirror of the suitable.

Run ahead and take a left. Hold operating till you discover break up within the corridor.
Flip right and into one other rectangle.
Observe the trail and hit the primary change.
Hold operating till you attain the unique hallway.

Right here, you’ll seemingly have to attend for a wall of electrical energy to cross. If the electrical energy is simply beginning to arc, you may run by way of. In any other case, you’ll have to sit down and brood — Darth Maul fashion.

When the electrical energy drops, take a right flip. You must begin listening to an unsettling sound about now. An electrical shredder can be operating the maze with you. There are some alcoves to cover in so it might probably cross, however simply to your left you need to see an enormous cavern with pipes in it.

Bounce on the pipes and look forward to the machine to cross. You may inform if the shredder is chasing you by its sound or big crimson gentle.

With the machine gone, bounce again over to your hallway and take a left. Observe the trail till a hallway opens on the suitable. Go hit the change like final time and return to your regular hallway.

Take a right and comply with the trail till you may take one other right. That is the exit. When you’ve hit all 4 switches, the doorways can be open.

Run into the brand new room and hop on one of many elevator to your right or left. Hit the button and look forward to them to slowly elevate you into the rafters.

Bounce onto the platform and shoot out the vent. Head down the chute and keep within the middle of the slide. Bounce to gradual your momentum, or threat demise by splattering in opposition to a wall. Whenever you come out the chute, flip left after which instantly right. Crawl by way of the vent on the ground.


You’re within the previous Cryptarch Vault now, and the mission is nearly executed.

On the alternative aspect of the Vault’s door, you’ll see some pipes on the wall. Subsequent to the pipe, you’ll see the Cryptarch image. Go stand by it — generally punching labored for us, too — and the key door will open.

On the traditional mode, there was nothing harmful about this subsequent part, however the Heroic mode will burn you alive in the event you mess up. It’s essential stroll on the white path very rigorously and in a particular order. Be very cautious the place you step. Even chopping a nook will kill you.

To make this simpler to learn, we’re going to label every house like a grid. The room is six areas lengthy, and 5 areas throughout. The sample on this may change relying on the fundamental singe.

The primary quantity is the row (one by way of six) and the second is the house you’ll want to stroll on (left to right). You’ll begin on the second white tile from the left, on the primary row (1-2).

1-2 (up)
2-2 (up)
2-1 (left)
3-1 (up)
4-1 (up)
4-2 (right)
4-3 (right)
3-3 (down)
3-4 (right)
3-5 (right)
4-5 (up)
5-5 (up)
5-4 (left)
6-4 (up)


The primary quantity is the row (one by way of six) and the second is the house you’ll want to stroll on (left to right). You’ll begin on the fifth white tile from the left, on the primary row (1-5).

1-5 (up)
2-5 (up)
3-5 (up)
4-5 (up)
5-5 (up)
5-4 (left)
5-3 (left)
4-3 (down)
3-3 (down)
2-3 (down)
2-2 (left)
2-1 (left)
3-1 (up)
4-1 (up)
5-1 (up)
6-1 (up)

If in case you have mates behind you, take a left after the you survive the burning room. There’s a change on the wall. This may shut off the panels within the room you simply got by way of, making it simpler to get allies by way of.

Run ahead. On the melted case, take a right and also you’ll see a burned gap within the floor. Drop by way of it. Run ahead and hop into one other vent. It’s time to struggle.


Whenever you drop down, you’ll discover a Fallen Captain wielding a Scorch Cannon — Siriks, Loyal to Eramis. He’s surrounded by a military of Fallen.

First, take out the turrets on his right and left, then clear up the remainder of the Fallen. The shielded Shanks that Siriks summons deal very excessive harm. Have a participant with Arbalest take them out as shortly as doable. When all the pieces else is useless, begin hitting the boss.

Siriks will spawn a Servitor, surrounded by shielded Shanks. If in case you have a Void weapon like Hammerhead, you may shortly deal with one shank, and the defend explosion will kill all of them. You may also use a Hunter Tether for a similar impact. Focus down the Servitor and its Shanks. Flip your consideration again to Siriks, and hit him till he spawns one other Servitor grouping. This one is Photo voltaic. Use the identical method to kill it.

When Siriks is all the way down to two-thirds well being, he’ll teleport again to the principle space and summon two Walkers on the previous turret platforms. This time, focus all the pieces on Siriks and burn him down. One Thousand Voices is superb for this struggle, if you have it.

When Siriks falls, flip your consideration to the remainder of the enemies within the room. Clear them out after which deal with the Walkers.

When you handle to kill each enemy within the area earlier than time runs out, Mithrax will pop again up on the middle platform. He’ll teleport over to his ship, and a second later you’ll earn Outbreak Perfected.

Now you’ve got the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst. You’ll want to return again and full the Heroic mode once more each week till you get 500 SIVA Particulates. You’ll additionally want headshots with Outbreak Perfected.

The Catalyst grants Outbreak Perfected one other perk, which we don’t have a reputation for but. The perk will increase SIVA nanite harm, and enemies that die with SIVA nanites connected to them will spawn extra SIVA nanites.

It’ll take 5 weeks to get sufficient SIVA particulates. However you may pace up the method by way of an elective quest, which additionally grants a neat new ship.

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