Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Keo Ruug shrine

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Keo Ruug shrine

Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Keo Ruug shrine

The trick to fixing the puzzles in Keo Ruug shrine lies within the variety of constellations you rely on the wall, after which putting a ball representing that quantity within the rows and columns on both facet of the central platform.

Should you stand on the central platform and have a look at the far excessive wall, you’ll see a number of constellations.

To your left beneath the place you’re standing, you’ll see two columns that run from the entrance to the again of the room. You’ll see two extra columns to your proper, too. Every column has 5 rows, and every row is related to quite a few lights on the wall, from one mild to 5 lights.

Every column represents a constellation (which you’ll see on the head of every column on the decrease wall), and every mild represents the variety of constellations that seems on the far excessive wall.

All it’s important to do is rely the variety of constellations on the higher wall and place a ball into the container within the column that matches the variety of constellations you rely.

From left to proper, right here’s the place you must place the balls:

Column 1, row 5
Column 2, row 3
Column 3, row 1
Column 4, row 2

When the door opens and also you stroll down the steps, flip proper and also you’ll see one other locked gate with one other sequence of associated constellations on the higher wall. Head again up the steps and prepare the balls like this:

Column 1, row 4
Column 2, row 2
Column 3, row 2
Column 4, row 1

That may open the door and reveal a treasure chest with a knight’s claymore. Then you possibly can acquire your spirit orb and head out.

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