League of Legends’ newest champion Viego can take control of slain enemy players

The Ruined King now rules Summoner’s Rift too

League of Legends’ newest champion Viego can take control of slain enemy players

League of Legends’ newest champion Viego can take control of slain enemy players

Riot revealed Viego, The Ruined King in a implausible cinematic trailer during its 2021 League of Legends celebration video, but it surely didn’t give us many particulars on what he’d truly do in game. Fortunately, the full package was launched on the League of Legends web site just some minutes after the stream, so we now know precisely what Viego is able to.

Viego is a jungler who can dash to enemies to stun them, then possess them as soon as they’ve been defeated. If he possesses an enemy champion he gains use of all of that champion’s fundamental talents in addition to use of his personal Final. Whereas this actually makes Viego distinctive, it must also make him one in all League’s hardest champions, because you’ll must know the best way to make good use of each different champion within the game to get probably the most out of him.

Viego is likely to hit the League of Legends Public Beta Surroundings someday within the subsequent few weeks, then ought to make his strategy to the stay game earlier than the tip of the month. Earlier than he will get there, right here’s a look at Viego’s entire capacity package:


Viego can briefly possess enemy champions that he helps kill therapeutic for a portion of their max well being. during possession, Viego’s gadgets, assaults, and non-ultimate talents turn out to be these of his slain enemy, and he gains a free forged of his personal final, Heartbreaker.

Whereas possessing an enemy Viego additionally will get bonus motion velocity when shifting towards enemy champions.


Passive: Viego’s assaults deal a p.c of his goal’s present well being as bonus harm on-hit. When Viego assaults an enemy he lately hit with a capability the assault strikes twice.

The second strike siphons well being from the goal as a substitute of dealing regular harm, however nonetheless applies on hit results and may critically strike.

This passive is maintained during possessions.

Active: Viego stabs ahead along with his blade damaging all enemies hit.


Viego prices up after which dashes ahead hurling a blast of mist that stuns and damages the primary enemy hit.

Stun period and mist vary enhance with cost time, harm and dash vary don’t.

E — Harrowed Path

Viego spreads a wave of Black Mist round a close-by wall. Whereas within the mist Viego turns into Camouflaged and gains assault velocity and motion velocity.


Viego discards any our bodies he’s at the moment possessing and teleports ahead, attacking the enemy champion in vary with the bottom p.c well being and dealing bonus harm primarily based on their lacking well being.

Different enemies in vary are knocked away.

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