‘Lucifer’ Final Season Releases Its Trailer And Is Amazing As Hell

We are dancing, Lucifans! Lucifer final season has just released its trailer! As you read it, Lucifer Season 6 already has a trailer and it is even more incredible than we could have dreamed of and, at the same time, it is everything we dreamed of. Ready?

Here we go!

Lucifer‘s official Twitter account was in charge of giving us this great news …


We need a moment…

Or two…


Here we have Lucifer final season trailer! We have to see it again, you know, for science …


It’s so fucking good! Lucifer vs Chloe? How? Why? Who will win? I don’t know about you but my money is on queen Chloe. Mazeve kiss is so hot. We mean, does anyone have ice around here?

Lucifer and Chloe in Hell. This is like a fic, we swear. At last Chloe will see what hell is like, Lucifer’s throne, how lonely he must have felt, at last she will understand how his heart was freezing. Lucifer on the throne of God! And we are not saying that Lucifer is not handsome, but he does not need that much gel in his hair. We like it looser, you know, like after a good sex session (wink, wink.)

Speaking about sex … the raunchy jokes come back to the show just the way we love it. Maze is still Maze and we love her so much. And our little devil seems to have a crisis … and he needs Linda. Seriously, this woman’s job isn’t paying well, no way. And Dan is … a ghost? We don’t care, we are glad to see him!

Deckerstar…OMG! a HEART EYES HERE!

Of course, a new enemy rises with the aim of ending Lucifer and is an angel! But who and why? We can’t wait to know all the answers!

Lucifer Final Season hits Netflix on September 10.

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