Outer Wilds guide and walkthrough

Outer Wilds guide and walkthrough

Outer Wilds guide and walkthrough

Outer Wilds is a game about exploration, puzzles, and fixing a thriller. It simply doesn’t inform you why you’re exploring, what the thriller is, and even that there’s a thriller. It’s a purposefully obtuse game that rewards curiosity.

Our Outer Wilds beginner’s guide will get you started.

You’ve entry to a whole solar system proper from the beginning. And never too lengthy after that, the solar explodes and the whole lot resets. Your job is to piece collectively info from numerous ruins left behind by a long-dead civilization all throughout the solar system.

It received’t take lengthy till, like all good thriller, you could have lots of items of data to type via. They’ll level in a number of instructions, and it would get arduous to maintain observe of the place you’re speculated to go subsequent.

Our guides will stroll you thru each step of the way in which, utilizing the clues you collect at every location to level your strategy to the following. We’ll begin on Timber Fireplace’s moon, the Attlerock, and comply with the clues from there to the sport’s different planets, like Brittle Hole and Large’s Deep.

The remainder of our guides will stroll you thru each planet and site within the order they made sense to us — together with a visit to the unusual comet, The Interloper — however your journey doesn’t need to comply with the very same path. We used the ship log to guide us, and made certain we stuffed in each rumor and bit of data we might.

And as soon as we assist you to accumulate all the knowledge to seek out within the solar system, we also have a guide to stroll you thru Outer Wilds’ ending.

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