Pokémon Go guide: How to get Sinnoh Stones

Pokémon Go guide: How to get Sinnoh Stones

Pokémon Go guide: How to get Sinnoh Stones

With the addition of Sinnoh-region Pokémon in Pokémon Go comes new evolutions for 11 present Pokémon. With a view to evolve these Pokémon to their fourth-gen forms, you’ll want a bunch of sweet and an merchandise added to Pokémon Go in November: Sinnoh Stones.

Sinnoh Stones are just like other Evolution Items present in Pokémon Go, like Steel Coat, Dragon Scale and Solar Stones. In contrast to these evolution supplies, you’ll be able to’t simply earn Sinnoh Stones by spinning PokéStops.


Sinnoh Stones might be earned from two sources: Analysis Duties and PvP battles.

After you full a full seven days’ price of analysis progress stamps, you’ll have a chance to earn a single Sinnoh Stone from a Analysis Breakthrough. The percentages aren’t excessive so it could take a number of weeks of Breakthroughs earlier than you’re rewarded one.

Sinnoh Stones also drop not often from finishing in PvP battles. You’ll be able to battle towards an AI coach as soon as a day for a chance at potential rewards. You may also battle 3 times a day with one other player for a chance at rewards. With 4 shots per day, you’ll probably have a neater time getting Sinnoh Stones from PvP battles than you’ll Analysis Duties.


There are numerous Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn area which have Sinnoh evolutions from Sinnoh Stones. Here’s the present record, as of April 9, 2019:

Budew → Roselia → Roserade
Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire
Duskull → Dusclops → Dusknoir
Gligar → Gliscor
Magby → Magmar → Magmortar
Misdreavus → Mismagius
Murkrow → Honchkrow
Porygon → Porygon2 → Porygon-Z
Ryhorn → Rhydon → Rhyperior
Sneasel → Weavile
Togepi → Togetic → Togekiss
Swinub → Piloswine → Mamoswine
Aipom → Ambipom
Yanma → Yanmega
Tangela → Tangrowth
Lickytung → Lickilicky
Ralts → Kirlia → Gallade
Snorunt → Froslass

Every new Sinnoh evolution also prices 100 sweet, however for those who’re nonetheless catching up on earlier evolutions, the excellent news is that some primary evolutions now require much less sweet (down from 50 to 25).


If you happen to’re prioritizing attackers for raids, Mamoswine is one of the greatest. It has a mixture of extremely excessive CP, with sturdy ground and ice-type strikes, making it a stable decide for many Legendary raids. Roserade can be the very best grass-type, and Electivire is one of the greatest electric-types, solely shedding out to Regular Forme Deoxys. Rhyperior, Weavile, and Honchcrow are also top tier Sinnoh Stone Pokémon, in line with GamePress.

Nevertheless, if you wish to evolve a Lickilicky simply to have a cute, spherical buddy, that’s a fairly good choice, too.

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