PS5 System Software Update 21.02- Is Live Now

Salal Awan
September 15, 2021

Sony has just released the new PS5 system software update version 21.02- This one adds M.2 SSD Storage support and more.

This update was being beta tested for a while and has been finally made available to the general public. You can now upgrade the internal storage on your PS5 by adding an SSD drive. The default storage space for the PS5 is just under 1 TB so if you wanted to install more PlayStation games, you would have to delete older data files.

PS5 System Software Update 21.02- Changelog


We are working on getting the changelog for this update. It is just under 1 GB on the console and should be downloadable through the official servers. The official website still hasn’t been updated with the new changes.

Let us know if you have noticed any other changes after installing this update in the comments below.

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