PS5’s big September firmware update drops tomorrow

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The feature-packed summer update for PlayStation 5 consoles is only a few hours away.

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has been in beta testing
for several weeks, will be available worldwide tomorrow, September 15. This is the console’s second major update since its launch in November last year.

The September update is PS5’s most feature-rich yet. The highlight addition is the arrival of M.2 SSD support for storage expansion, allowing console owners to expand the available space by inserting a supported Gen 4 NVME SSD into the dedicated slot.

Unlike traditional external USB storage solutions, attaching an SSD allows players to install PS5 games on the new storage, something not possible on USB external drives. The update also includes 3D audio support for TV speakers, a feature previously exclusive to headphones.

Outside of these bigger additions, the new firmware also brings a number of customisability features, making it possible to rearrange and hide icons in the Game Center.

There’s a new Trophy tracker, too, available through the Game Center. The new design displays up to five Trophies per game on the page.

Finally, there’s a massive quality of life tweak included in this update, and it lists PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game separately if you have both installed. It should now also be much clearer – thanks to a new tile design – which version you have.

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