Tracee Ellie Ross Talks About What She Likes To Do For Her Mom

Can you imagine if your Mom was one of the most famous women in the world? I couldn’t. If my Mom was a household name, I would cringe. However, some famous kids definitely handle it a lot better.

Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of Diana Ross, who is definitely a household name. Diana Ross will be in the history books for generations to come.

Tracee was on Jimmy Kimmel and was asked about a photo that she posted on her Instagram.

When the photo was brought up, Tracee talked about how she likes to honor her mother. She likes to recreate photos of her Mom from the past.

Tracee’s definitely a better daughter than me. I won’t even recreate pictures from when I was a kid.

“I had this necklace, of hers and I think it was a necklace attached to a jumpsuit she wore in Mahogany, and I have always said, every time I see the picture, I’m like ‘Oh my god I have that necklace!’ I steal stuff from her,” Tracee shared.

Ok, stealing stuff from my Mom, I did do. Look, I had to make sure I got some shit I wanted.

“I kind of love doing it,” Tracee said about the photo tribute. “I was re-organizing and re-cataloging and I was like, ‘I really need to just do it now.’”

“The hard part of that picture is those elbows,” she added, “like I think she was maybe a little double-jointed there. But that was really hard to get my arms up.”

I love the love that she has for her Mom. It’s beautiful to see how Diana Ross is loved by her children, cause lets face it – we’ve learned some celebrities aren’t great parents from their kids.

Are you a fan of Tracee‘s? Do you love her style as much as we do?

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